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June , 22ª 2024
Tel: +55 19-3446-4545

Rebuilt Automotive Engine Rebuilding Machinery Milling Machine Foundry Location Contact
Indústria de Máquinas Chinelatto Ltda 
Rod. João Tosello (SP147) s/nr, km 104.7 
Cx. Postal 260 - CEP: 13480-264 
Limeira - SP - Brazil 
Tel: +55 19-3446-4545 
WhatsApp: +55 19-99295-3073 
E-mail: chinelatto@chinelatto.com.br 


The INDÚSTRIA DE MÁQUINAS CHINELATTO LTDA began in the year 1962 by its founding partner Mr. Onofre Chinelatto.

It is located in the city of Limeira, interior of the state of São Paulo, to the edges of highway Limeira-Mogi Mirim (SP147) height of km 104,7 in a land of 33.000 m2 with good constructed area.

Is dedicated to:

- Manufacture of Surface Milling and CNC Milling Machine;
- Manufacture of Machine Tools for reconditioning of internal combustion engines;
- Machining Services to Third Partiess;
- Casting of Parts in ductile and gray cast iron;
- Heat Treatment of Stress Relief and / or blasting.

The MANUFACTURE OF MACHINES produces the following types of machines::

- Surface Milling Machine and CNC Milling Machine, since 1.5 until 6.0 meters;
- Milling heads (different capacities);
- CrankShaft Grinder Machine - capacities:
       - 1.000 mm (mechanical);
       - 1.500 mm (mechanical or hidraulic);
       - 2.200 mm (hidraulic);
- CrankShaft Polischer Machine;
- Cylinder Head Valve Seat Boring Machine;
- Con-Rod Boring and Grinding Machines;
- Con-Rod Boring Machines;
- Cap & Rod Grinder;
- Con-Rod Aligner
- Flywheel Grinder Machine;
- Sand Blasting Gabinets;
- Surface Grinding & Milling Machine (mechanical or hidraulic);
- Surface Milling Machine;
- Spray Cleaning Machine;
- Surface Parallel Rule;
- Cylinder Head Pressure Tester Machine (cycle automatically or semi-automatic);
- Table Device for Blocks 4 Cylinders;
- Portable Boring Bar for Diesel Block;
- Boring Bar Device;
- Boring Bar Device;
- Valve Reconditioning Machine;
- Valve Grinding Machine;
- Guide Valve Boring System;
- Cylinder Head Valver Spring Test;
- Cylinder Block Boring and Surface Milling Machine;
- Cylinder Block Boring Machine;
- Cylinder Honing Machine;
- Cylinder Honing Machine - Portable;
- Cylinder Sleeve Hydraulic Press;
- Serras Mecânicas ou Circulares;

The FOUNDRY produces parts in gray and ductile cast iron, for many different applications and degrees of complexity.

The foundry produces parts for manufacturers of machines, manufacturers of pumps and other applications..

The castings can be delivered in the raw state (with or without paint) and even machined according to the needs of each client.

The furnace is able to merge parts with maximum weight of 9,921 lb.

The classes of materials produced are:

Gray Cast Iron:

– DIN 1691 Classe GG-20 (ASTM A-48 Gr. CL-30)
– DIN 1691 Classe GG-25 (ASTM A-48 Gr. CL-35)
– DIN 1691 Classe GG-30 (ASTM A-48 Gr. CL-40)

Ductile Cast Iron:

- DIN 1693 Classe GGG-40 (ASTM A-536 Gr. 60-40-18)
- DIN 1693 Classe GGG-50 (ASTM A-536 Gr. 80-55-06)

Rebuilt Automotive Engine Rebuilding Machinery, Milling Machines and Foundry